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Cinthia Koeksal
Publisher: Parker Publishing, Inc. (California)

The Scarlet Omen: A Debut Novel of Myth and Legend

South Germany—2012—Imagine a land where diamond coloured skyscrapers pepper the coral pink horizon while ghouls and goblins lurk in their garbage filled alleyways. Impossible? Not really.

The Scarlet Omen, a sensational piece of young adult fiction by newcomer Cinthia Koeksal portrays the symbiotic relationship between Western advancements and Eastern superstitions where teenagers are able to discuss ghosts and demons with the same enthusiasm with which they compare their latest iPad apps. In this intricately woven tale of humour, unconditional love and hair-raising magic, readers will be snatched up in a whirlwind adventure that will take them on a magical journey between worlds accompanied by a colourful band of witches, vampires, dragons and fairies.  

The first novel in a planned trilogy, The Scarlet Omen charts the tale of Anjeli Xavier, a rebellious Malaysian teenager who has been plagued by visions of bloodlust, translucent spirits and Bornean pygmies all her life. She just wants to live a normal adolescent existence and have fun, but her over-protective Indian mother is smothering her as she tries to maintain what little sanity she believes she still has. As a series of events alter the course of her life, Anjeli finds herself being pushed toward her destiny: a destiny pre-written three centuries ago in the form of a bothersome prophecy.

Set in the mythical Valley of the Hornbills, a world of honour and adventure where good and evil fight to survive, The Scarlet Omen is a constant reminder of the fragility of human bonds and life itself.  Readers will be transported into a world where they will begin to consider
their own relationships, love lives, day to day hardships and, most importantly, their own humanity.

Find out if destiny comes to claim its own or if tyranny and black magic prevail forever.  Parker Publishing Inc. presents The Scarlet Omen: now available on, and!

About the author
Cinthia Koeksal was born and raised in Malaysia. She now lives in Germany as a Business English Trainer. She has a degree in Business Commerce with majors in Marketing and Management from Monash University but much prefers spending her time "making up almost preposterous stories and sharing them with the world".


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