Friday, 27 July 2012

Bookworm Alert!

This week, I was featured in the national newspaper of Malaysia, The New Straits Times ( It was an honour and I’m very grateful to Ms Subhadra Devan for writing up an enchanting article. She interviewed me about my love for writing and books and how dreams do indeed come true if you work hard enough. So today’s post is dedicated to my favourite books!

Here’s a list of whats and whys from my personal collection: All of which get 5 out of 5 star ratings from Moi!
Magically written from the viewpoint of an extremely unexpected character, The Book Thief really changed the way I think about writing. Zusak’s beautifully simple yet gripping plot and enchanting prose combined with lovable characters taught me that books don’t always have to be about constant action and surprises but also about the subtle way we all see the world and interact with one another.

This is one of those books that bring out both the beauty and the monsters of a culture. I love the way Golden takes something that other cultures would find disturbing and draws out its fascinating qualities against a backdrop of cherry blossoms and strict moral codes. Each character blooms into life in a way that makes my author heart green with envy.

Manicka takes the different lives of many colourful characters and links them together in a world of decadence and magic. She has managed to perfectly blend the beauty of Asia with the dynamics of Western nightlife. Touching Earth taught me to how to build my characters as individual people with their own pasts and problems and not just as a part of a story.

By taking a domestic story about a young boy and his father, Hosseini showed me that stories can and should be part of a bigger picture but it’s the small pieces that make a book memorable. The way he has mastered storytelling truly inspires me. He weaves his words together, making them start off as ripples in a pool while cajoling them to grow into crashing waves. I looove!

Watch out for next week’s post: Author Interview in August…Watcha Doin’ with Richard Harland!

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