Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bookworm Galore with Jessica Peterson

Hi Jessica! Please tell us about yourself and your blog.

I'm 23, have always loved reading; as far back as I can remember I've pretty much always had a book on the go, especially when I started grade 6 and discovered the library at my new middle school had amazing books I just HAD to read! :) My blog, Addicted to Novels is about 99% all about YA books but very occasionally it's 1% adult or new adult, and has book reviews, author interviews, and more.

When and why did you start book blogging?

I started book blogging around the end of July 2011 and August 2011 then gave up on it till around that Christmas...I think it was harder than I thought haha. I haven't stopped blogging since :)

I started blogging because this one day I was bored and was trying to find out pub dates for new books I was waiting for to come out and see what new ones were coming out by my favorite authors, when I happened to "stumble" upon some book blogs that had book reviews on books I was looking for, so I started googling everything I could about book blogs, then probably within a week later, I decided to try and start my own.

Name your favourite book/s and why.

I've read so many books, that I have way too many favorites to list, but here's a few that top my list:

The Bluebloods series by Melissa De La Cruz, my bff had recommended and lent me the first 3 books a few yrs ago just before the 4th book came out, and I was instantly pulled into the world of the glamorous, New York world of vampires.

All of Meg Cabot's "teen" novels, and all of Sarah Dessen's novels, I read their books growing up and just always loved them, especially Meg Cabot's 'Mediator' series!
What do readers look for in a book?

I don't know if all readers are the same, but I always look for a good, strong lead character with a head on their shoulders, a good story line that has bits and pieces here and there to keep you reading but also giving me an inside to whatever it is, all the while having it all come together at the end of the book. I like characters that are real, that deal with and work through their problems, while also having some sort of romance or something else good going on on the side.

If you could spend a day with any character from any book, who would you choose and why?

Right now, I'd have to say Finn from Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood! He's just the perfect fictional boyfriend, especially when he was being compared to another love interest in the Born Wicked novel. He was willing to fight for his family and what was right, but was also gentle and loving. He was just so yum :")
In your opinion, what is the deadliest mistake an author can make in writing a novel?

I haven't read too many books that I didn't care for, but I'd say flat characters, the kind with no personality and/or are dumb as hell. Like the kind that have everything right in their face yet they still have "no idea". Really?! Also, a story that has no depth to it and just kind of slowly sails along, killing me of boredom, the kind of books that don't have anything in them to pull you in and make you FEEL.

Do you have any recommendations for authors while writing or readers who are thinking about starting their own blogs?

I say just go for it, just don't start a blog, then after a month when you haven't gotten as many readers/followers as you'd like, or find it too hard or whatever, don't just suddenly up and quit. Chances are, you WILL have at least a few readers who care that you've disappeared from the blogsphere, plus you probably won't feel like you've achieved anything. I think for anyone who wants to get started as an author, or wants to just start a blog, having a twitter, facebook page, and even a goodreads page to advertise your work on is extremely helpful; it helps you build a fan base and get word out about your work, whether it's about a book or a blog.

Thanks so much Jessica for gracing us with your presence! This was truly insighful and loads of fun. Hey Readers, below are some links to follow Jessica and just basically continue to see what she's up to. Book Bloggers rock!


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