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Watcha Doin' with Rashad Freeman

(Cover art: Courtesy of Rashad Freeman 2012)

Author Bio:
Rashad Freeman is the author of “Shadow of Darkness”, a young adult novel and Volume I of the Creature Kid series.  In addition to that Rashad has published two short stories and most recently a suspense thriller called “Night Slashers.”  A true Floridian and self-proclaimed comedian, Rashad’s passion for writing can only be matched by his ridiculous desire to throw off caution and sail the world as a pirate.       

What inspired you to become an author?
Well I know it sounds cliché, but I’ve always been a writer.  I have dozens of works in progress, but have been horrible about finishing anything.  I’m not sure what exactly pushed me over the edge.  One day I just decided I was going to finish something and I sat down and finally finished my first novel.

What was your most memorable childhood memory?
My most memorable childhood memory or memories would be growing up around a library.  My mother is an English Professor and we practically lived in the library.  It’s something that’s lost on today’s generation, but I truly thank her for showing us the beauty of books.  A simple walk down a hallway would turn into an adventure through an underwater cave and the double doors that lead into the bathroom were the decompression chamber of a submarine.  The ability to use your imagination and grow your mind is something that can never be done enough.

If you could be anything or anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
Definitely an eagle.  I love the idea of flight, the ability to be limitless and free.

Please tell us a little about your latest release. What were the best and worst parts for you personally? Are there any novels of yours that are your personal favourites?
Well my latest release is called “Night Slashers” and it’s a suspense thriller.  I really love the idea of this book, but I have to say writing it is was a chore.  There were so many twists and turns that I had to be meticulous to make sure everything fit.  My favorite novel is my first “Shadow of Darkness.”  I really got to just have fun with this book and it’s in one of my favorite genres, young adult.  It’s also a series (Creature Kid Series) and will eventually have seven total volumes.  I really love the idea of sticking with characters for that many books and getting to see them grow and change.

What is more important to you: characters or plots?
Characters definitely.  I think if you have the right characters they will create the plot.  It’s like life, boring people will be boring regardless of the situation.  But if you have exciting people they will make the situation.  I really try hard to develop my characters and show the many different dimensions of the human condition.

“To err is to be human”. What are your thoughts on this quote and what do you think are the implications for writers? What about character and plot planning?
I love this quote.  We are nothing more than the collection of experiences that shape us.  Without failure there can be no success.  We are all broken yet striving for perfection and that’s what makes life so beautiful.  As a writer I feel it’s my duty to explore that and show the reader that in my characters. Whether I’m writing a murder mystery or a love story my characters show the struggle within.  If your characters are not evolving then they are dead and so is your story.

How do you “breath” life into your characters?
It’s funny you use that expression, “breath” because I’m always telling people that writers breath life onto pages.  For me a character has to have life like qualities.  All of my characters are flawed in some way.  They are all searching for something.  I’m also able to relate to each one.  I think as people we have so many dimensions and writing really gives me the ability to explore who I am as a person.

Any words of wisdom for our readers:
Well, of course my first tip would be to buy all of my novels, the real treats are in there.  But seriously if you’re a writer, respect the craft.  Whether you never sell a book or sell millions understand that this is an art.  You take words and give life to them and give dreams a space to fly.  Never underestimate your place in the world, but don’t overstate it either.  To readers, respect the craft.  What writers do is no small feat.  Many of us pour our souls onto paper in hopes that we may reach a single reader.  So next time you see a starving artist, give them a pat on the back.
Thanks, Rashad for your awesome insights! I really enjoyed this. Hey readers, if you'd like to know more about Rashad Freeman, please feel free to check out the sites below:

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